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The V-Ring features

V-shaped ring is the oldest of all the lip seals, its use is widespread. Compared with other lip seals, the main features of the V-ring:
1) overlapping use of a number based on the use of pressure, the sealing performance with overlapping number increased with the increase, it should be noted that this relationship is not linear; At the same time the frictional resistance also increases.
2) eccentric loads and eccentric movement of the piston or the piston rod has a strong ability to follow, leak-proof with good results.
3) to use Ruoyin ring deformation or wear leak can be adjusted through its compression institutions, re-pressed, so it can be a long period of use, reliable sealing, long life.
4) can cut assembly, installation and maintenance, applicable to a difficult place to replace the seals.
5) can be used for low pressure (5MPa), low-speed (3m/min) rotation.
6) under high pressure do not need anti-extrusion measures.
7) frictional resistance, adjustment difficulties, and a large installation space.
The maximum working pressure of the V-ring> 60MPa; applicable to operating temperature -30 ~ 80 ℃; Operating speed range: nitrile rubber V-ring for 0.02 ~ 0.3m / s; cloth rubber V-ring is 0.005 to 0.5 m / s. Can be used for various forms of high-pressure hydraulic equipment, hydraulic machinery, reciprocating motion of the piston and piston rod seal.