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What is the rubber sheet ?

The rubber sheet of the Department of strip rubber seal products.
The rubber seal used in railway locomotives, automobiles, aircraft, high-rise buildings, refrigerators and all kinds of industrial parts, since a rubber sealing elements to prevent external dust, air, water, etc. into the system.
The composition of the rubber seal from sealing and installation of two parts.
Rubber seal products mainly to the elasticity of the lip, cavity, flanges and other parts of the body structure and assembly of the coupling parts (glass, metal pieces, etc.) surface of the contact pressure sky sealing and decorative role.
Rubber seal products in the range of -50 ~ 70 ℃.
Rubber seal sub-solid strip, hollow plastic strips, sponge strip and composite tape, different cross-section structure can be designed according to the rubber seal of the use of location and conditions of use.
Taking into account the aging resistance, ozone resistance requirements, the general use of chloroprene rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, silicone rubber, natural - neoprene - styrene butadiene rubber, rubber with excellent anti-aging properties of rubber and other rubber manufacturing.
Manufacturing methods with extrusion continuous vulcanization method, extrusion molding Vulcanization vulcanization or molding and vulcanization method.