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Hydraulic seal - dust seal introduced

Hydraulic seals - oil seal can be used for dust seals use, but the dust is serious and in order to protect other seals, often using special dust seal.
More than rubber dust seal hydraulic seals, pneumatic machinery and more blankets (square or trapezoid), aircraft and boreal hydraulic cylinder with a metal in order to deal with the piston rod from external ice, the chemical sector in order to prevent the adhesive material on the piston rod with metal.

Square or trapezoidal dust ring on the seal mechanism is packing seal, dust resistance and contact tightness related to access to more tightly dust as possible, but the greater the frictional resistance. Wedge-shaped dust ring is actually no difference between the lip ring, it relies on the contact force of the lip tip to scrape off the dust and dirt. Friction is small, but the lip sharp angle between the surface and the shaft seal and wear have a great impact on the efficiency of its dust. Lip tip out, its angle is greater than 4 ° will be able to get satisfactory results, lip tip inward, dust ineffective.

Lip and shaft surface contact state is also directly affect the wear of the dust effects and lip. Several common exposure, including exposure to normal status, the film thin, dust-proof effect, less wear and tear; the amount of interference is too large, the contact is too tight, and contact breadth, change the contact angle, curled lip and tip. not only adverse effect of dust, and the frictional resistance, inadequate lip tip contact, friction, but not dust; lip tip contact angle is too short-term effect of dust, it is easy to wear and tear, become a serious oil spill.

Hydraulic seal - dust seals to protect critical hydraulic equipment components is extremely important. Infiltration of dust, not only seals wear, and much wear and tear of the guide sleeve and the piston rod, the impurities into the hydraulic medium will also affect the operation of the valve and the pump function, in the worst case, may damage these devices. Dust ring to get rid of any dust on the rod surface, but does not damage the piston rod on the film, which is also beneficial to the lubrication of the seal.