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Common form of the fuel tank seals

Accompanied by the application of hydraulic cylinder seals in all walks of life have played a crucial role in the sealing industry is also actively developing, better suited to modern industrial requirements for sealing, after so many years of development, oil cylinder seal has been a relatively stable matching: rod seals, holes with seals, dust ring, with orientation and foundation seal (O ring).
Rods seals common include: shaft seal using Manchester, axis grid to ring axis with the Y-shaped ring, shaft U-ring, V-ring seals, rod seals, etc.
Is basically a hole seals and rod seals corresponding to the existence, including special ring piston: TPM / DAS combination of seals, bi-directional piston seal, heavy duty piston seal.
Dust ring series: single lip dust, lips, dust, saddle-shaped dust ring, the metal skeleton dust ring and PTFE dust.
Oriented with a common two materials: phenolic cloth and PTFE + bronze powder. 
Of course, the fuel tank will be used in some of the static seal is the most common O-ring, according to the specific conditions of the fuel tank: small Qing rubber, fluorine rubber.