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The relationship between oil seal and dust ring sealed

The oil seals, sealing the lubricating oil. It is commonly used in a variety of mechanical bearings, particularly to parts of the rolling bearing. Its function is to isolate the oil chamber and the outside world, internal seal oil, foreign gather dust. The oil seal for the use of dust seal. However, in severe dust or in order to protect other seals, often using special dust seal. More than rubber dust seal materials, hydraulic machinery, pneumatic machinery and more blankets, the fuel tank of the aircraft and boreal work with metal in order to deal with the piston rod from external ice, the chemical sector in order to prevent the adhesive material on the piston rod with a metal. Dust seal to protect critical hydraulic equipment is very important. Infiltration of dust, not only wear the seals, and wear and tear of the guide sleeve and the piston rod.

In addition, the impurities into the hydraulic medium will also affect the operation of the valve and pump