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Mechanical seal installation essentials

  1. The sealed chamber parts of the equipment should be installed to maintain clean, seal parts should be cleaned, seal faces intact, to prevent impurities and dust into the sealing parts;

  2. The device shaft runout should be <= 0.04 mm, the axial runout does not allow more than 0.1 mm;

  3. During the installation process is strictly prohibited crashing beat, so as to avoid friction will damage the mechanical seal and seal failure;
    The installation in the mechanical and sealing contact with the surface layer of clean oil, in order to successfully install;

  4. The installation of static ring gland, tighten the screws must be uniform force to ensure that the stationary ring and the vertical axis line requirements;

  5. Installed hand drive moving shaft, the shaft should be light and heavy feeling;

  6. Installed by hand to promote the moving ring, make the move to flexible mobile ring on the shaft, and a certain flexibility;

  7. Easy to crystallize, granular media, media temperature> 80 ° C, you should take the appropriate washing, filtration, cooling measures, a variety of assistive devices please refer to the mechanical seal to the relevant standards;

  8. The device must be in operation before filled with medium to prevent the leaving dry friction seal failure