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The features of PTFE retaining ring

PTFE retaining ring seal with low pressure, such as the use of O-ring, star-shaped ring and U-ring. Can significantly enhance and improve such ring sealed pressure capabilities and service life, has been widely used in hydraulic sealing system.
1, the wide temperature range;
2, the friction is small;
3, non-absorbent;
4, does not occur in the 177 ° C temperature aging.
5, high precision;
6, excellent chemical resistance, can be used for almost all of the media;
7, no hardening of breakage;
PTFE retaining ring is made of pure PTFE and its composite block O-retaining ring for dynamic sealing p ≥ 10mpa located Circlip bearing surfaces of the O-ring, a single compression set up a retaining ring, the double-sided compression, set the two retaining ring. PTFE retaining ring for hydraulic O-ring seal, working pressure 0-70mpa temperature: -40 ° C - +200 ° C Suitable medium: hydraulic oil, water, steam.