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The general structure of gasket

Gasket general points: the seal body, the inner ring, outer ring, the surface layer, enhancement layer, anti-bonding processing layer.
Seal key part of the body 2 gasket seal; role is to prevent leakage; non-metallic materials, it can be rigid or flexible metal.

The inner one to prevent the inner ring sealing elements inward buckling occurred due to insufficient rigidity along the inner ring of the gasket to fill the gap between the seal with the pipe or the hole in the container, in order to avoid gaps interfere with fluid flow and the resulting fluid the erosion of the gasket; contact with the media, and material requirements.

The outer ring 3 to help seal components, to prevent excessive compression sealing components destruction, strengthening of the gasket body, to prevent the gasket to blow and reduce the flange rotation; materials are solid metal, not in contact with the media; with sealing device fabrication into one composite gaskets, metal toothed gaskets, Corrugated.

Surface layer 4, the anti-bonding processing layer to increase the sealing elements sealing effect; to prevent bonding with the flange surface; material can be graphite, PTFE, special resin coating, a soft metal (silver, gold, tin, etc.), etc. .

Enhance the strength of layer 5 to increase the sealing elements and sealing pressure; increase the flexibility of gaskets; wire mesh, special fiber, sheet metal.