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Valve Stem Seal News

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Valve Stem Seal News

Valve stem seals play a crucial role in the functioning of an internal combustion engine. Here are the main functions of valve stem seals:

Oil Control: Valve stem seals help control the flow of oil within the engine. They prevent excessive oil from entering the combustion chamber through the valve guides, ensuring that the right amount of oil is supplied to lubricate the valve stems without causing oil consumption or fouling of the spark plugs.

Sealing: Valve stem seals create a seal around the valve stems, preventing the leakage of combustion gases from the combustion chamber into the valve guides. This ensures that the engine operates efficiently by maintaining the proper compression ratio and preventing loss of power.

Heat Dissipation: Valve stem seals help dissipate heat from the valve stems to the valve guides and the engine's cooling system. They prevent excessive heat buildup on the valve stems, which can lead to valve stem and guide wear or even valve failure.

Lubrication: Valve stem seals help retain a thin film of oil on the valve stems, providing lubrication as the valves move within the guides. This reduces friction and wear between the valve stems and guides, promoting smooth and efficient valve operation.

Emissions Control: Properly functioning valve stem seals contribute to controlling emissions from the engine. By preventing the passage of oil and combustion gases, they help maintain the integrity of the combustion chamber, minimizing the release of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Overall, valve stem seals ensure the efficient operation, performance, and longevity of the engine by controlling oil flow, maintaining proper sealing, dissipating heat, providing lubrication, and contributing to emissions control.

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