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AS568 Standard O Ring

AS568 is a widely recognized standard for O-rings in the United States, established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The AS568 standard specifies a range of standardized O-ring sizes based on their dimensions, including inner diameter, outer diameter, and cross-sectional diameter. This standardization ensures that O-rings of the same size can be easily interchanged between different manufacturers and industries, simplifying the sourcing and use of O-rings in various applications.

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Basic Info:

1.Raw-Material Brand: 

 DuPont (US) / Dow Corning (Germany) / Bayer (Germany) / 3M


AS568 Standard, Custom Size Accepted

3.Material Type: 

NBR / FKM / Silicone / EPDM / HNBR / ACM / Neoprene...etc.

4 Size: 

ID from 0.5MM to 1.5M and customize size was acceptable in different products

5.Products Application

Metallurgical, chemical, engineering, construction, mining, petroleum machinery


Black, white, red, green, or any customize


Temperature from -60° C to +220° C in different material

8.Factory Certificate

IATF 16949:2016, ISO9001, ISO14001 certificated

9.Product Certificate

KTW-W270/ Watermark/ LFGB / RoHs/REACH/FDA

Boman AS568 Standard O Ring Advantages:

1. Interchangeability: One of the primary advantages of the AS568 standard is its focus on standardized sizes. O-rings conforming to AS568 sizes can be easily interchanged between different manufacturers, suppliers, and applications without concerns about compatibility.

2. Ease of Sourcing: AS568 O-rings are readily available from a wide range of suppliers, both domestically and internationally. This availability simplifies the procurement process and reduces lead times.

3. Inventory Management: Standardized sizes lead to streamlined inventory management. Organizations can stock a smaller number of AS568 sizes while ensuring that these sizes cover a wide range of applications.

4. Design and Manufacturing Efficiency: Designing with AS568 standard sizes simplifies the engineering process. Engineers can select O-rings based on predetermined dimensions, reducing the need for custom specifications.

5. Cost Savings: Using the AS568 standard can lead to cost savings in multiple ways, including reduced inventory costs, faster design cycles, and efficient sourcing due to the widespread acceptance of the standard.

6. Industry Acceptance: The AS568 standard is widely accepted and recognized across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical, and more. This recognition adds credibility and ensures compatibility between different sectors.

7. Quality Control: AS568 compliant O-rings are often subject to quality control measures to ensure that they meet the standard's specifications. This contributes to reliable sealing performance.

Product Parameters:

AS568 Standard O Ring

AS568 Standard O Ring

AS568 Standard O Ring

AS568 Standard O Ring

Rubber O Ring Products Process Flow Chart: 

steps The process flow Process flow name Machinery and equipment/measuring equipment features Special features symbols note
product product
Rubber material visual / / /
IQC Hardness tester hardness /
Tensile machine Tensile strength / /
Tensile machine elongation / /
hydrometer The proportion of / /
Aging test chamber The compression permanent deformation / /
3 Mixing mixer / Material thicknessmm /
4             IQC rheometer TS2 / /
TS50 / /
TS90 / /
Hardness tester hardness /
5 Cutting edge
Cutting machine / Is long /
Material weight /

moulding 300 t hot molding machine, automatic monitoring
/ The molding pressure (kgcm2)
/ Molding time
/ Mold temperature
visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
7 IPQC visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
8 deflashing visual appearance / /
Automatic disassembly machine / speed /
/ time /
9 QC Scissors/knife appearance / /

steps The process flow Process flow name Machinery and equipment/measuring equipment features Special features symbols note
product process
10 FQC visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
11 cleaning Plastic basket / / / Manual cleaning
/ / /
/ / /
12 Post curing The oven / time
/ The temperature
13 Packing Electronic says Single - / /
Baling press The number of / /
The printer The labe / /
visual The cartons / /
14 OQC visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
visual check / /
visual weighing / /
15 Warehousing
transport cart Delivery note / /
Courier / /
Put in storage / /
note      1.“◇”Said inspection、“□”Said processing、“↓”Said handling、“△”Said storage、“▲”Said reworking/repairing
2.“★”Said product function and process of key special feature symbol;

AS568 Standard O RingAS568 Standard O Ring

O Ring Applications:

O-rings are widely used in various industries and applications:

1. Automotive Industry: O-rings are found in engines, transmissions, fuel systems, and air conditioning systems to prevent fluid leaks and maintain proper operation.

2. Aerospace and Aircraft: O-rings are used in aircraft engines, hydraulic systems, landing gear, and fuel systems to ensure reliable sealing in demanding aerospace environments.

3. Hydraulic Systems: O-rings seal connections in hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves, and hoses to prevent hydraulic fluid leaks and maintain system efficiency.

4. Pneumatic Systems: O-rings are used in pneumatic systems to create airtight seals in valves, actuators, and connectors, preventing air leaks and maintaining pressure.

5. Fluid Handling Systems: O-rings are employed in pipes, pumps, valves, and fittings to prevent leaks in fluid handling systems, including water, chemicals, oils, and gases.

6. Manufacturing Equipment: O-rings are used in industrial machinery, such as presses, molds, and processing equipment, to prevent leaks of hydraulic fluid or coolant.

7. Medical Devices: O-rings are used in medical equipment, including pumps, valves, and connectors, to maintain sterile conditions and prevent leaks.

8. Appliances: O-rings are found in household appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators to seal connections and prevent water leaks.

9. Oil and Gas Industry: O-rings are used in oil rigs, pipelines, valves, and drilling equipment to prevent fluid leaks and maintain operational safety.

10. Water Treatment: O-rings seal connections in water treatment systems, including filtration and reverse osmosis units, to prevent leaks and ensure efficiency.



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