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Agriculture Tractor NBR Oil Seal

​An agriculture tractor oil seal is a vital sealing component used in agricultural tractors to prevent the leakage of fluids, typically oil, from the tractor's mechanical systems. These seals are placed at various points where rotating shafts, such as those found in engines, gearboxes, and hydraulic systems, penetrate the tractor's housing or casing.

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Basic Info:

1.Raw-Material Brand: 

 DuPont (US) / Dow Corning (Germany) / Bayer (Germany) / 3M


We have more than 7000 size different oil seal size mold in warehouse 

3.Material Type: 

NBR / FKM / Silicone / EPDM / HNBR / ACM / Neoprene...etc.



5.Products Application

Metallurgical, chemical, engineering, construction, mining, petroleum machinery


Black, white, red, green, or any customize


Temperature from -60° C to +220° C in different material

8.Factory Certificate

IATF 16949:2016, ISO9001, ISO14001 certificated

9.Product Certificate

KTW-W270/ Watermark/ LFGB / RoHs/REACH/FDA

Boman Agriculture Tractor Oil Seal Advantages:

1. Fluid Containment: The primary advantage of oil seals is their ability to effectively contain fluids, such as engine oil, transmission oil, and hydraulic fluid. This prevents oil leakage, which could lead to a loss of lubrication, decreased efficiency, and potential damage to critical components.

2. Component Protection: Oil seals provide a protective barrier that prevents contaminants, including dirt, dust, water, and debris, from entering the tractor's systems. This protection helps maintain the performance and longevity of vital components, such as bearings, shafts, and gears.

3. Enhanced Lubrication: Oil seals contribute to maintaining a consistent layer of lubricating oil around rotating shafts. Proper lubrication reduces friction, heat, and wear on components, leading to extended component life and improved overall tractor efficiency.

4. Reduced Downtime and Maintenance Costs: By preventing oil leaks and protecting components, oil seals reduce the risk of sudden breakdowns and the need for costly repairs or replacements. This helps minimize downtime and maintenance expenses.

5. Energy Efficiency: Proper lubrication provided by oil seals reduces frictional losses in rotating components. This leads to improved energy efficiency, as less energy is wasted as heat due to friction.

6. Environmental Protection: eco-friendly Oil seals help prevent oil leaks that could result in environmental pollution, especially in agricultural settings where leakage could contaminate the soil and water sources.

7. Longer Component Life: The protection provided by oil seals against contaminants and proper lubrication contribute to longer lifespans of critical tractor components, resulting in reduced replacement and maintenance costs.

8. Sealing Reliability: Well-designed and properly installed oil seals maintain their sealing integrity even under challenging conditions, ensuring consistent performance and fluid containment.

Product Parameters:

Agriculture Tractor NBR Oil Seal

Agriculture Tractor NBR Oil Seal

Agriculture Tractor NBR Oil Seal

Agriculture Tractor NBR Oil Seal

Agriculture Tractor NBR Oil Seal Process Flow Chart: 

steps The process flow Process flow name Machinery and equipment/measuring equipment features Special features symbols note
product product
Rubber material visual / / /
IQC Hardness tester hardness /
Tensile machine Tensile strength / /
Tensile machine elongation / /
hydrometer The proportion of / /
Aging test chamber The compression permanent deformation / /
3 Mixing mixer / Material thicknessmm /
4             IQC rheometer TS2 / /
TS50 / /
TS90 / /
Hardness tester hardness /
5 Cutting edge
Cutting machine / Is long /
Material weight /

moulding 300 t hot molding machine, automatic monitoring
/ The molding pressure (kgcm2)
/ Molding time
/ Mold temperature
visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
7 IPQC visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
8 deflashing visual appearance / /
Automatic disassembly machine / speed /
/ time /
9 QC Scissors/knife appearance / /

steps The process flow Process flow name Machinery and equipment/measuring equipment features Special features symbols note
product process
10 FQC visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
11 cleaning Plastic basket / / / Manual cleaning
/ / /
/ / /
12 Post curing The oven / time
/ The temperature
13 Packing Electronic says Single - / /
Baling press The number of / /
The printer The labe / /
visual The cartons / /
14 OQC visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
visual check / /
visual weighing / /
15 Warehousing
transport cart Delivery note / /
Courier / /
Put in storage / /
note      1.“◇”Said inspection、“□”Said processing、“↓”Said handling、“△”Said storage、“▲”Said reworking/repairing
2.“★”Said product function and process of key special feature symbol;

Agriculture Tractor NBR Oil SealAgriculture Tractor NBR Oil Seal

Agriculture Tractor Oil Seal Applications:

1. Engine: Oil seals are used in the engine of agricultural tractors to prevent oil leakage from the crankshaft, camshaft, and other rotating components. They maintain proper oil levels and prevent contaminants from entering the engine.

2. Transmission System: Oil seals are employed in the transmission system to seal openings where rotating shafts enter the transmission casing. This prevents transmission fluid leakage and maintains efficient gear shifting.

3. Differential and Axles: Oil seals are used in the differential and axle systems to prevent oil leakage and maintain proper lubrication for gears and bearings.

4. Power Take-Off (PTO): PTO shafts are equipped with oil seals to prevent fluid leakage and protect components in the PTO system, ensuring proper power transmission to attached implements.

5. Hydraulic Systems: Oil seals are used in hydraulic systems to prevent fluid leakage from hydraulic pump shafts, cylinder rods, and other hydraulic components. This ensures the efficiency of hydraulic operations.

6. Steering System: Oil seals are employed in the steering system to seal openings around steering gear shafts and hydraulic components. They prevent fluid leakage and maintain proper steering function.

7. Water Pumps: Oil seals are used in water pumps to seal the shaft that connects to the impeller. This prevents coolant or water leakage from the pump.

8. Crankcase Ventilation: In modern tractors, oil seals may be used in crankcase ventilation systems to manage pressure and oil vapor movement.

9. Fan Shafts: Oil seals can be found in fan shafts, helping prevent fluid leakage and maintaining proper cooling of the engine.

10. Bearings and Shafts: Oil seals are used in various bearings and shafts throughout the tractor, ensuring proper lubrication and preventing contamination.

11. Clutch Mechanism: In tractors with mechanical clutches, oil seals are used to prevent leakage around the clutch shaft.

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