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NBR Silicone Molded Rubber Parts

Rubber parts refer to various components made from rubber materials that are used in a wide range of industries and applications. It was find applications across numerous industries due to their versatility and ability to provide sealing, vibration isolation, cushioning, insulation, and other functional properties

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Basic Info:

1.Raw-Material Brand: 

 DuPont (US) / Dow Corning (Germany) / Bayer (Germany) / 3M



3.Material Type: 

NBR / FKM / Silicone/EPDM/HNBR/CR/ACM...



5.Products Application

Metallurgical, chemical, engineering, construction, mining, petroleum machinery


Black, white, red,  or any customize


Temperature from -60° C to +220° C in different material

8.Factory Certificate

IATF 16949:2016 and ISO9001, ISO14001 certificated

9.Product Certificate

KTW-W270/ Watermark/ LFGB / RoHs/REACH/FDA

Boman NBR Silicone Molded Rubber Parts Advantages:

1. Aerospace and Aviation Industry: Rubber parts are used in the aerospace and aviation industry for various applications. They can be found in aircraft engines, landing gear systems, seals for windows and doors, vibration dampeners, and other critical components. Rubber parts provide sealing, vibration isolation, and protection against extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

2. Marine and Offshore Industry: Rubber parts are widely used in the marine and offshore industry due to their resistance to water, salt, and harsh weather conditions. They can be found in shipbuilding, offshore platforms, and marine equipment for applications such as seals, gaskets, hoses, fenders, and vibration mounts.

3. Food and Beverage Industry: Custom rubber parts play a vital role in the food and beverage industry, where hygiene and safety are crucial. They are used in food processing equipment, bottling plants, and packaging machinery to provide sealing, cushioning, and protection. Rubber parts in this industry are often made from FDA-approved materials and comply with food-grade standards.

4. Mining and Heavy Machinery: Rubber parts are used in mining and heavy machinery equipment for their durability and resistance to abrasion, impact, and harsh environments. They can be found in conveyor systems, crushers, screens, and other mining equipment for applications such as seals, gaskets, and wear-resistant components.

5. Renewable Energy Industry: Rubber parts are utilized in the renewable energy industry, including wind turbines and solar panels. They provide sealing, vibration dampening, and protection against weather elements. Rubber parts are used in wind turbine blades, tower connections, and solar panel mounting systems.

6. Sports and Recreation: Rubber parts are commonly used in sports and recreational equipment for their shock absorption and impact resistance properties. They can be found in sports shoes, exercise equipment, playground surfaces, and sporting goods like balls and grips.

7. Consumer Electronics: Rubber parts are present in various consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They provide shock absorption, protection against dust and moisture, and enhance user experience through buttons, keypads, and grips.

Product Parameters:

NBR Silicone Molded Rubber Parts

NBR Silicone Molded Rubber Parts

NBR Silicone Molded Rubber Parts

NBR Silicone Molded Rubber Parts

Custom Rubber Parts Process Flow Chart: 

steps The process flow Process flow name Machinery and equipment/measuring equipment features Special features symbols note
product product
Rubber material visual / / /
IQC Hardness tester hardness /
Tensile machine Tensile strength / /
Tensile machine elongation / /
hydrometer The proportion of / /
Aging test chamber The compression permanent deformation / /
3 Mixing mixer / Material thicknessmm /
4             IQC rheometer TS2 / /
TS50 / /
TS90 / /
Hardness tester hardness /
5 Cutting edge
Cutting machine / Is long /
Material weight /

moulding 300 t hot molding machine, automatic monitoring
/ The molding pressure (kgcm2)
/ Molding time
/ Mold temperature
visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
7 IPQC visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
8 deflashing visual appearance / /
Automatic disassembly machine / speed /
/ time /
9 QC Scissors/knife appearance / /

steps The process flow Process flow name Machinery and equipment/measuring equipment features Special features symbols note
product process
10 FQC visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
11 cleaning Plastic basket / / / Manual cleaning
/ / /
/ / /
12 Post curing The oven / time
/ The temperature
13 Packing Electronic says Single - / /
Baling press The number of / /
The printer The labe / /
visual The cartons / /
14 OQC visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
visual check / /
visual weighing / /
15 Warehousing
transport cart Delivery note / /
Courier / /
Put in storage / /
note      1.“◇”Said inspection、“□”Said processing、“↓”Said handling、“△”Said storage、“▲”Said reworking/repairing
2.“★”Said product function and process of key special feature symbol;

NBR Silicone Molded Rubber PartsNBR Silicone Molded Rubber Parts

Molded Rubber Parts Applications:

1. Auto Industry Seals: Custom elastic parts are generally utilized in the car business for fixing applications. They are fundamental parts in motors, transmissions, and different auto frameworks. Elastic seals, gaskets, O-rings, and other custom parts guarantee release free associations, forestall liquid or gas spillage, and keep up with appropriate working of the vehicle.

2. Modern Hardware and Gear Seals: Custom elastic parts assume a basic part in fixing applications for modern hardware and hardware. They are utilized in siphons, valves, blowers, and other hardware parts to give solid fixing, forestall spills, and safeguard against foreign substances. Custom elastic seals are intended to endure high tensions, outrageous temperatures, and cruel conditions, guaranteeing the smooth activity of modern gear.

3. Plumbing and air conditioning Frameworks: Custom elastic parts are fundamental in plumbing and central air frameworks for fixing and protection purposes. They are utilized in pipes, fittings, valves, and central air parts to give sealed associations, forestall heat misfortune or gain, and guarantee proficient activity of plumbing and air conditioning frameworks. Custom elastic gaskets, seals, and protection materials are intended to endure openness to water, synthetics, and temperature vacillations.

4. Electrical and Gadgets: Custom elastic parts track down applications in the electrical and hardware industry for protection, security, and fixing. They are utilized in links, connectors, switches, and electronic nooks to give electrical protection, forestall dampness entrance, and guarantee appropriate fixing against residue and pollutants. Custom elastic parts are intended to meet explicit electrical and ecological necessities, guaranteeing the security and unwavering quality of electrical and electronic frameworks.

5. Clinical and Drug: Custom elastic parts are vital in the clinical and drug enterprises for different applications. They are utilized in clinical gadgets, hardware, and drug handling gear to give fixing, gasketing, and tubing arrangements. Custom elastic parts are intended to satisfy severe administrative guidelines, guaranteeing biocompatibility, synthetic opposition, and disinfection similarity. They assume an imperative part in keeping up with the respectability and security of clinical and drug items and cycles.



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