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How to Choose NBR TC Oil Seal Size?

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Understand the Requirements:

Start by understanding the specific requirements of your application, such as the type of fluid being sealed, operating temperature, shaft speed, pressure, and the environment in which the seal will operate. These factors will influence your choice of seal size.

Measure the Shaft Diameter:

Measure the diameter of the shaft on which the oil seal will be installed. This measurement is typically referred to as the "shaft diameter" or "inner diameter (ID)" of the seal. Ensure that you measure the shaft accurately to avoid selecting a seal that is too small or too large.

Oil Seal

Determine the Housing Bore Diameter:

Measure the diameter of the bore or housing into which the oil seal will be fitted. This measurement is known as the "housing bore diameter" or "outer diameter (OD)" of the seal. The seal should fit snugly into the housing bore to create an effective seal.

Calculate the Seal Size:

Once you have the shaft diameter (ID) and housing bore diameter (OD), you can calculate the appropriate size of the NBR TC oil seal. Subtract the shaft diameter from the housing bore diameter and divide the result by 2 to get the seal size.

Seal Size = (Housing Bore Diameter - Shaft Diameter) / 2

For example, if the housing bore diameter is 50 mm, and the shaft diameter is 40 mm:

Seal Size = (50 mm - 40 mm) / 2 = 5 mm

In this case, you would need a TC oil seal with an ID of 40 mm and an OD of 50 mm.

Consider Additional Factors:

Depending on your application and the specific requirements, you may also need to consider other factors such as the lip type (single or double), spring-loaded or non-spring-loaded design, and the presence of any additional features like dust lips or exclusion seals.

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