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VA VL VS Type Sealing Ring

Vee packing or V-ring packing, is a type of sealing arrangement commonly used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems to provide effective sealing for dynamic reciprocating or rotating shafts. VA rings are designed to handle high-pressure and high-speed applications while preventing leaks and minimizing friction. They are made up of multiple sealing elements stacked together, forming a combination of V-shaped rings and support rings

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Basic Info:

VA VL VS Type Sealing Ring

Boman VA VL VS Type Sealing Ring Advantages:

1. Effective Sealing Performance: VA rings are designed with a V-shaped profile that allows them to exert sealing pressure against the shaft, providing an effective seal even under high pressures. This design ensures minimal leakage and prevents fluid from escaping the system, maintaining the integrity of the hydraulic or pneumatic system.

2. Dynamic Motion Compatibility: VA sealing rings excel in dynamic applications where the shaft is in motion, either rotating or reciprocating. The flexible V-shaped rings can maintain contact with the shaft surface, providing consistent sealing performance during movement.

3. Versatility: VA rings are suitable for a wide range of applications, including both rotary and reciprocating motions. This versatility makes them a go-to choice for equipment that requires different types of motion within a single system.

4. High-Pressure Capabilities: VA rings are well-suited for high-pressure environments commonly found in hydraulic systems. They are capable of withstanding substantial pressures without compromising their sealing effectiveness.

5. Temperature and Chemical Resistance: VA sealing rings can be manufactured from various materials to ensure compatibility with the operating temperature and the specific fluids being sealed. This allows them to perform reliably in a wide range of environments and fluids, including those with varying chemical compositions.

6. Long Service Life: Properly selected and maintained VA sealing rings can have a long service life, reducing the frequency of seal replacements and minimizing downtime. Their ability to adapt to minor shaft deviations and wear contributes to their longevity.

Product Parameters:

VA VL VS Type Sealing Ring

VA VL VS Type Sealing Ring

VA VL VS Type Sealing Ring

VA VL VS Type Sealing Ring Flow Chart: 

steps The process flow Process flow name Machinery and equipment/measuring equipment features Special features symbols note
product product
Rubber material visual / / /
IQC Hardness tester hardness /
Tensile machine Tensile strength / /
Tensile machine elongation / /
hydrometer The proportion of / /
Aging test chamber The compression permanent deformation / /
3 Mixing mixer / Material thicknessmm /
4             IQC rheometer TS2 / /
TS50 / /
TS90 / /
Hardness tester hardness /
5 Cutting edge
Cutting machine / Is long /
Material weight /

moulding 300 t hot molding machine, automatic monitoring
/ The molding pressure (kgcm2)
/ Molding time
/ Mold temperature
visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
7 IPQC visual appearance / /
Hardness tester hardness /
The projector/caliper size /
8 deflashing visual appearance / /
Automatic disassembly machine / speed /
/ time /
9 QC Scissors/knife appearance / /

VA VL VS Type Sealing RingVA VL VS Type Sealing Ring

VA VL VS Type Sealing Ring Applications:

1. Hydraulic Cylinders: VA sealing rings are frequently used in hydraulic cylinders that experience reciprocating motion. These cylinders are found in construction equipment, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, and industrial machinery.

2. Pneumatic Cylinders: Similar to hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders also use VA sealing rings to provide dynamic sealing in applications such as automation equipment, manufacturing machinery, and robotics.

3. Injection Molding Machines: Injection molding machines use hydraulic systems for precision control. VA sealing rings help maintain the integrity of these systems, preventing fluid leaks that could affect the quality of molded products.

4. Material Handling Equipment: Forklifts, cranes, conveyors, and other material handling equipment often use VA sealing rings to ensure reliable sealing in hydraulic systems used for lifting and moving heavy loads.

5. Earthmoving and Construction Machinery: VA sealing rings are essential in heavy equipment used in earthmoving and construction, such as excavators, loaders, and bulldozers. These machines often operate in challenging environments where dust, dirt, and debris are present.

6. Oil and Gas Equipment: In the oil and gas industry, VA sealing rings are used in hydraulic systems of drilling equipment, wellhead control systems, and other machinery used in exploration and production.

7. Mining Equipment: Mining machinery relies on hydraulic systems for operations such as drilling, cutting, and transportation. VA sealing rings help prevent contamination and maintain the performance of these systems.

8. Agricultural Machinery: Tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural machinery use hydraulic systems for various functions. VA sealing rings protect these systems from contaminants commonly found in farming environments.

9. Forestry Equipment: Logging machinery, such as skidders and feller bunchers, use hydraulic systems for operations in forested areas. VA sealing rings help protect against sawdust, debris, and other contaminants.

10. Automotive Manufacturing: Automotive manufacturing processes use hydraulic systems for various tasks like pressing, stamping, and assembly. VA sealing rings ensure reliable sealing in these systems to maintain production efficiency.

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