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What Is The Bonded Seal

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A bonded seal, also known as a Dowty seal or washer seal, is a type of sealing device used to create a reliable and leak-tight seal between two surfaces. It typically consists of a metal washer or sealing ring with a rubber or elastomeric inner diameter.

The bonded seal functions by combining the sealing capabilities of both the metal washer and the rubber element. The metal washer provides structural stability and acts as a solid barrier, while the rubber element provides the sealing properties by deforming and conforming to the surfaces it contacts.

Here's a general overview of the components and functioning of a bonded seal:

Metal Washer: The metal washer is typically made of steel or stainless steel. It has an outer diameter that matches the mating surface or housing bore and provides structural integrity to the seal.

Rubber Element: The rubber element, usually made of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) or other elastomers, is bonded to the inner diameter of the metal washer. The rubber element forms the sealing interface with the shaft or stud it contacts.

Sealing Action: When the bonded seal is tightened between two mating surfaces, the rubber element compresses and deforms, creating a tight seal. The rubber element fills any imperfections or irregularities on the surfaces, preventing leakage of fluids or gases.

Enhanced Sealing: The metal washer helps distribute the compressive load evenly across the rubber element, ensuring consistent sealing pressure. It also provides resistance to extrusion, ensuring the seal remains intact even under high-pressure conditions.

Bonded seals are commonly used in various applications, including hydraulic systems, pipe fittings, automotive engines, and industrial equipment. They offer reliable sealing performance, resistance to pressure, and the ability to compensate for surface imperfections, making them suitable for applications where a dependable and leak-tight seal is required.

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