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Ningbo Boman Mechanical & Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, Located in Ningbo, one of the largest ports in China. Companies adhering to the "industry change life" business philosophy with the international working style and localization professional spirit, service to the worldwide customers.
Boman Mechanical & Technology is mainly R & D and sales for rubber seals, auto parts, machinery equipment, elevator parts, chemical products, mineral products, electronic products. Our products are widely used in machinery and equipment, water irrigation, hydraulic pneumatic, automobile, metallurgy, elevators, oil, mining, instrumentation, electronic technology area.
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How To Choose Correct Rubber Material

How to Choose Correct Rubber Material?Application Requirements: Understand the specific requirements of your application, including the temperature range, pressure conditions, chemical exposure, and any other environmental factors that the rubber material will be exposed to. Different rubber materia

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EPDM Bonded Seals: Ensuring Reliable And Leak-proof Sealing in High-pressure Applications

In high-pressure applications, achieving a reliable and leak-proof seal is critical. This is where EPDM bonded seals (also known as Dowty seals or gaskets) come into play. These specialized sealing devices combine the best properties of metal gaskets and rubber seals to provide an effective sealing

What Should Be Paid Attention To When Installing Seals

What should be paid attention to when installing seals?When installing seals, there are several key points to keep in mind to ensure proper installation and optimal sealing performance. Here are some important considerations:Cleanliness: Ensure that the sealing surfaces and the seal itself are clean

Precision And Customization Unleashed- Exploring The Advantages of Molded O-Rings

Precision and Customization Unleashed: Exploring the Advantages of Molded O-RingsMolded O-Rings are a remarkable innovation in the field of sealing technology. Combining the advantages of precision molding and customizable design, these specialized rubber parts offer exceptional sealing performance,


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Companies adhering to the "industry change life " business philosophy with the international working style and localization professional spirit, service to the worldwide customers.

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