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Ningbo Boman Mechanical & Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, Located in Ningbo, one of the largest ports in China. Companies adhering to the "industry change life" business philosophy with the international working style and localization professional spirit, service to the worldwide customers.
Boman Mechanical & Technology is mainly R & D and sales for rubber seals, auto parts, machinery equipment, elevator parts, chemical products, mineral products, electronic products. Our products are widely used in machinery and equipment, water irrigation, hydraulic pneumatic, automobile, metallurgy, elevators, oil, mining, instrumentation, electronic technology area.
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Aluminum Frame Sealing Strip.png
Door Seals Strip: Effective Weatherstripping for Enhanced Insulation And Comfort

Door seals Strip, also known as weatherstripping or weatherproof seals, are flexible and versatile materials designed to form a reliable barrier between the interior of a building or vehicle and the outside environment. Thanks to their excellent sealing properties, our door seals prevent the pe

Cylinder Valve Stem Oil Seal.png
Ball Valve Stem Seals: High Quality FPM (Fluorocarbon Rubber) Seals for Superior Performance

Boman's ball valve stem seals are made from high-quality FPM (Fluorocarbon Rubber) raw materials from well-known brands such as DuPont (USA), Dow Corning (Germany), Bayer (Germany) and 3M Products, specialized components designed to provide superior sealing performance across a wide range of in

Motorcycle Rubber Gasket.png
Motorcycle Gaskets: Improving Performance And Reliability

Motorcycle rubber gaskets play a vital role in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of various motorcycle components. These important sealing elements are made of high-quality rubber or rubber-like materials that offer a range of benefits such as thermal and thermal insulation, noise reduction,

EPDM FPM Rubber Flat Washer.png
Rubber Gasket: Ensures Reliable Sealing And Protection

Rubber gaskets are important mechanical seals made of rubber or elastomer materials. They play a vital role in creating a tight, reliable seal between mating surfaces. These versatile gaskets are designed to prevent the leakage of liquids, gases or contaminants while also providing cushioning, vibra


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Companies adhering to the "industry change life " business philosophy with the international working style and localization professional spirit, service to the worldwide customers.

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